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ATOX co-developed with National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology the world's first Helmet-type PET. By arranging detectors in a hemispherical shape so that they are close to the patients, this device offers a high-resolution image in spite of its small number of detectors.

Seeking higher sensitivity by helmet-shape, not like conventional cylinder-shape

If a cylinder and hemisphere have the same radius and height, they have the same surface area, and therefore the number of detectors used in the device is the same, however, the radiation detection sensitivity of the hemispherical type is 1.5 times higher than that of the cylindrical type.

Principle of Hemispherical PET
Principle of Hemispherical PET
(Sensitivity comparison between conventional cylindrical PET and hemispherical PET)

TOF-PET with SiPM-adopted semiconductor detectors

Our detector module, containing 4.1mm-square Lutetium-based scintillator and SiPM, achieves high temporal resolution.

Detector module
Detector module

High quality image

ATOX and QST co-developed a new scatter correction method, and image uniformity, noise and contrast are improved by optimizing the inspection condition.

Brain IQ phantom PET scan image by Vrain<br>
Brain IQ phantom PET scan image by Vrain
(Under condition of BG5.31kBq/mL, 30min)

Space saving achieved by compact design

Vrain achieved space saving by implementing an optimized air-cooling mechanism between the detectors and cooling system as well as the sitting-position design.

Vrain compared to a conventional whole-body PET in size
Vrain compared to a conventional whole-body PET in size

ATOX provides various services related to nuclear power sector including radiation control and it has been one of our expertise for a long time. We support for customers who install Vrain for the first time in designing and renovating controlled areas.

Example of controlled area with Vrain
Example of controlled area with Vrain


If you have an enquiry about Vrain, please email us using the form below.
Also, please feel free to contact us for an individual information session.

Consultation flow

Step1. First enquiry

Enquiry to our "Contact form"
Interview the customer about their hospital overview including:

  • Building, equipment, other modalities, desired date for installation and introduction of each other

Step2. Individualized session

Provide information to install Vrain according to customers' facilities

  • Estimate the cost for construction including computing radiation shielding
  • Plan operation after installing Vrain and estimate revenue and expenditure etc.

Step3. Specific installation plan

Check in detail

  • Propose detailed installation plan with the customer including the contact person and other appropriate people
  • E.g., Interface coordination with CT/MRI for sharing images


* The flow above is one of the examples and may vary depending on the customers' situation.
* We offer both online session and face-to-face session according to your request.

Approved number

30300BZX00269000Brain-dedicated PET Vrain


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