ATOX Co., Ltd.

Our AssetsHuman and technology assets produce dependable, reliable services

Company-wide Efforts to Create Industry-Serving Technical Solutions

ATOX has over the past five decades been continuously providing high-quality maintenance services that meet diverse needs arising in nuclear facilities in Japan. From these operations, we have steadily amassed a wealth of experience and expertise, thanks in part to years of research and development efforts.
ATOX has an in-house research and development unit to develop and retain proprietary technical solutions and know-how necessary to provide reliable maintenance services for nuclear facilities. Our Engineering Research & Development Center plays a central role in conducting basic research projects as well as working on leading-edge technologies that can be used for practical application within one to five years.
Being a provider of maintenance services is a big advantage for us, as we can identify firsthand what electric power companies and other customers look for and use that knowledge to develop long-term maintenance solutions that meet their diverse needs. In addition, we partner with players in the global nuclear industry and pursue joint venture opportunities to improve our technical expertise.
Our years of company-wide painstaking efforts to develop pioneering technologies essential to keep nuclear facilities running smoothly have made us what we are today. ATOX is fully committed to assisting the Japanese energy industry in achieving sustainable environments.

Investing in Our People

Our teams of service engineers are also responsible for the high-quality maintenance services ATOX provides. We believe in investing in training our people in order to continue to provide high-quality services to customers.
New hires participate in onboarding and OJT programs to learn essential technical knowledge and skills necessary to perform maintenance tasks. Internal and external experts act as trainers in these sessions to train new hires extensively in each key area, such as nuclear facilities and equipment, non-destructive testing, pumps, and scaffolding, so that they can gain a deep knowledge of standard operating procedures and the division of on-site roles. College graduates may apply for jobs at ATOX regardless of their majors.
Long-time employees have a chance to brush up their skills on a regular basis and progressively acquire new skills to step up to higher positions. The company also assists employees in acquiring engineering certifications by training them to become familiar with machines and equipment before they take qualifying tests.
Based on our philosophy of being a company that encourages a sense of responsibility and initiative in our employees, we will continue to give top priority to human resource development so that our people will learn the virtue of teamwork and self-discipline as keys to success. We will leverage the combination of our teams of highly skilled employees and the engineering prowess we have honed over the past five decades to continue to provide dependable, reliable services as a responsible corporate citizen.