ATOX Co., Ltd.

Our Competitive AdvantagesProviding comprehensive maintenance services for nuclear facilities

Half a Century of Serving the Japanese Nuclear Energy Industry

Since Japan's first commercial nuclear power plant became operational in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture, in 1966, nuclear energy has been a major driver of Japan's rapid economic growth. A few years prior, ATOX had signed a maintenance service contract with the Tokai Research Facility of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (currently the Japan Atomic Energy Agency) and played a role in helping nuclear power generation take off in Japan by helping keep nuclear facilities running in good condition.
In the early days, the company led the way in providing operational support for nuclear facilities by resolving a series of issues that arose one after another. Mistakes have no place in radiological control and decontamination. Under such challenging conditions, we worked with electric power companies to do everything we could to keep their nuclear facilities running safety and reliably.
Since then, dozens of nuclear power plants and nuclear research facilities have become operational in Japan, and ATOX has been providing maintenance services to most of them over the past five decades. As a result, we have amassed extensive experience and expertise in the maintenance of nuclear facilities.

Moving Forward

Our mission goes beyond providing maintenance services for nuclear power plants. The Strategic Energy Plan, formulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, calls for the continuous use of nuclear power generation as an energy source while reducing dependency on it.
ATOX has now evolved into a provider of comprehensive maintenance services for nuclear facilities that meet a diverse range of customer needs, not only for radiological control and decontamination, but also for the cleaning of protective wear used in nuclear facilities; the development of maintenance equipment; and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. We intend to continue to play an instrumental role in the evolution of the Japanese energy industry.
ATOX's competitive advantages include engineering prowess acquired from five decades of conducting maintenance operations and an uncompromising determination to strive for excellence. Our ability to meet diverse customer needs is driven by our agility and flexibility to do what is expected of us, which are provided by our highly skilled teams of diverse talent.
We will continue to evolve to better serve the Japanese energy industry.