ATOX Co., Ltd.

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President Toshikazu Yaguchi

Leverage all available engineering resources to regain the public trust in nuclear energy in Japan

ATOX. Co., Ltd. has been providing maintenance services for nuclear facilities for more than half a century, since the early days of the Japanese nuclear industry.

The nuclear industry in this country has been facing serious challenges since the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Since day one of the accident, our team of engineers has been doing everything they can on site to stabilize the damaged reactors and assist in a decommissioning project for the nuclear plant by leveraging their years of combined experience and technical know-how. We are committed to playing an instrumental role in reconstructing Fukushima Prefecture and helping reactivate other nuclear power plants in Japan. We will continue to enhance our ability to develop solutions to a wide range of issues associated with nuclear energy and put them into practice with the goal of evolving into a company capable of offering and accomplishing a higher level of services.

We hope all these efforts will help revitalize the Japanese nuclear industry. To achieve this objective, we will upgrade our talent-development programs for employees, enhance our technical and practical skills in using robots, and step up our efforts to provide better solutions.

GLOBESHIP Corporation, which was established in April 2015 by the merger of Biru Daiko Co., Ltd. and Nihon Building Services Co., Ltd., is one of the core companies of the ATOX Group and provides facility management services around the country. We will leverage available resources of the Group to provide more advanced technical assistance and more sophisticated services to customers.

Toshikazu Yaguchi