ATOX Co., Ltd.

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Company NameATOX CO., LTD.
Head OfficeShiba Front Bldg., 4-11-3 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014, Japan
Head Office Phone Number+81-3-6758-9000
Fax Number +81-3-3453-3821
Established September 1, 1980
Capital 150 million yen
Number of Employees 1,693 (as of March 31, 2021)
Net Sales 26.4 billion yen (for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021)
ISO Certified April 2000
President Toshikazu Yaguchi
Executive Managing Director Satoshi Ueda
Managing Director Hiroichi Dotou
Managing Director Tetsunori Hara
Director Kazuaki Itoh
Director Shuji Konya
Director Masakazu Suga
Director Yasuyuki Iijima
Director Makoto Nakazato
Director Hiroshi Fujii
Director Takashi Ohsawa
Director Yuji Yoshitani
Auditor Katsumi Itoh
Senior Adviser Teiichiro Suzuki

Organization chart

Organization chart

Offices location

location map
location map
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Head OfficeTokyo
Engineering Research & Development CenterChiba
technical Training CenterFukushima
Fukushima Revitalization Branch OfficeFukushima

The office

Sapporo OfficeHokkaido
Sendai OfficeMiyagi
Nagoya OfficeAichi
Osaka OfficeOsaka
Hiroshima OfficeHiroshima
Takamatsu OfficeKagawa
Fukuoka OfficeFukuoka

Business offices

Tomari OfficeHokkaido
Oma OfficeAomori
Higashidoori OfficeAomori
Rokkasho OfficeAomori
Onagawa OfficeMiyagi
Kashiwazaki-Kariwa OfficeNiigata
Shika OfficeIshikawa
Genden OfficeIbaraki
Hamaoka OfficeShizuoka
Tsuruga OfficeFukui
Fugen OfficeFukui
Mihama OfficeFukui
Wakasa OfficeFukui
Takahama OfficeFukui
Shimane OfficeShimane
Shikoku OfficeEhime
Sendai OfficeKagoshima

Sales offices

Tokai OfficeIbaraki
Date OfficeFukushima
Oarai OfficeIbaraki
Tokyo OfficeTokyo
Osaka OfficeOsaka

East Japan measurement center

Tokyo OfficeTokyo

West Japan measurement center

Osaka OfficeOsaka

Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies

Nishinihon Create Company
Aomori Create Company
Fukushima Create Company
Nishinihon Create Company, Aomori Create Company, and Fukushima Create Company, all of which are subsidiaries of ATOX Co., Ltd., provide a variety of services, including radiological control and inspection and maintenance of equipment for nuclear facilities, as well as facility cleaning and management.
F.T. Co., Ltd. Utilizes its wealth of experience and achievements in facility management and nuclear facility maintenance services to sell related equipment and materials.
GLOBESHIP Corporation Provides comprehensive facility maintenance services, including equipment management, cleaning, equipment maintenance, centralized management of office complexes, condominium management, and consulting.
Orano ATOX D&D SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd. (ANADEC) A joint venture established by ATOX and France-based Orano
Combines ATOX's technical skills and hands-on experience in maintaining nuclear facilities and Orano's expertise in decommissioning and decontamination operations for nuclear facilities to provide innovative solutions that meet diverse customer needs.

Main Customers

Electric Power Companies, Public Testing, Research, and Development Institutions, Universities, Municipalities, Others, etc.

ISO 9001 Certification

April 2018Re-certified to the 2015 version of JIS Q 9001 (ISO 9001: 2015) by the ISO Center of the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers
Scope of certification: Design, development, installation, and servicing of equipment, decontamination, and maintenance of working environments for facilities that handle nuclear energy and radioactive isotopes.