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Provision of Equipment for Nuclear Facilities and RI-related work


CRL manipulator
CRL manipulator

As the sole agent in Japan for Central Research Laboratories (CRL) in the United States, the world's No. 1 manufacturer of hazardous material handling products, ATOX has a proven track record of delivering products, mainly to research facilities throughout Japan.
We offer a wide range of products from manipulator bodies to accessory parts in order to fully meet customer needs.
All installation, maintenance and repair work on equipment is responsibly performed by a group of highly experienced technicians certified by CRL. By keeping records of inspection and repair work, technical information can be confirmed at any time.
Please feel free to consult us regarding manipulator renewal.
We are also experienced in handling products other than CRL products. Please contact us for further details.

Stable Isotope/Radioactive Isotope

We supply our wide ranging customer base with valuable elemental materials and reagents that are enriched and manufactured at nuclear enrichment facilities outside Japan. We manufacture products with various properties such as metals, oxides and gases according to the customer's order.

Stable isotope/Radioactive isotope Stable isotope/Radioactive isotope Stable isotope/Radioactive isotope

Radiation-resistant camera

Radiation-resistant camera
Radiation-resistant camera

We have acquired a license for a radiation-resistant camera developed by AEA Technology Ltd in the UK and manufactured and sold by Centronic Ltd. We provide integrated services for the camera's production, sales, installation, inspection and repair in Japan to ensure higher quality.

Soft Wiper DK-1 Series

Soft Wiper DK-1 Series
Soft Wiper DK-1 Series

With the Soft Wiper DK-1 Series, any object can be wiped with a smooth, natural touch. These products are made of pure cotton non-woven fabric with minimal fluff, and were developed in collaboration with Asahi Kasei Corporation.
Made from high quality linters (the downy fibers surrounding seeds) in cotton, it is a long-fiber non-woven fabric that has not been woven or knitted at all, and does not use any organic substances such as adhesives.
The high-tech Wiper DK-1 Series improves the efficiency of wiping work. The design of this product utilizes ATOX's extensive experience and know-how in contamination protection technology cultivated in radioactive material decontamination work.
Five types are available for the eco-friendly DK-1 Series. Choose the right type for your application.

Application examples

  • For decontamination work at nuclear facilities
  • For scientific experiment at RI facilities or RI labs
  • For maintenance of OA equipment and precision equipment such as computers, copiers, clocks, and cameras


  • 1. No binder processing (no adhesive used)
    The fibers are bonded together by their own binding force (non-woven fabric) without the use of adhesive. Suitable for a wide range of applications.
    Fluffing test: After rubbing 10 times with a testing machine, the surfaces of the rubbed and non-rubbed materials were compared.
  • 2. Exhibits excellent water absorption and water retention properties
    This wiper has 13 times the water retention capacity of its own weight due to the fiber's ability to absorb water and expand, as well as its special tissue structure.
  • 3. Easy incineration disposal
    The absence of impurities such as chlorine and heavy metals means there are no toxic gas emissions during incineration. Consideration has also been given to the safety of the incinerator.

Decontamination Equipment

Wall decontamination unit
Wall decontamination unit

We have various decontamination equipment for removing radioactive substances attached to buildings, facilities or equipment, such as reactor wells, cavities, various storage tanks, contaminated area floors, and overhaul equipment.