ATOX Co., Ltd.

Our ChallengesDeveloping leading-edge technologies

Developing Next-Generation Technologies

IT and other technologies have been evolving at an accelerated pace over the past decade. Investing in a new technology infrastructure is risky but potentially rewarding, as a company can use it to innovate the way of doing business. With this belief in mind, ATOX has been investing in developing new technologies to continue to provide better services and products to customers.
For instance, over the past few years, we have developed a remote-controlled compact decontamination device and a drone with a built-in dosimeter, both capable of operating in high-dose radiation environments. The need to ensure the safety of workers is expected to become increasingly important in nuclear facilities.
We are also developing more advanced technologies for the separation and volume reduction of radioactive waste, such as metal waste cutting technology.
In 2014, ATOX and Orano, a French company having sophisticated technology and experience in decommissioning nuclear facilities, established joint venture ANADEC, which provides innovative services by leveraging ATOX's practical expertise and know-how in the maintenance of nuclear facilities and Orano's world-class technologies.

Making Greater Use of Radioactive Isotopes

A variety of equipment and devices that use radioactive isotopes are widely available for medical research. Facilities that use such equipment, such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, and nuclear research facilities, must routinely measure the radiation level of a working environment, keep equipment and devices in good working condition, conduct radiological control, and dispose of radioactive waste.
ATOX assists these facilities in operating and managing their equipment.
We also assist research facilities and hospitals in operating and maintaining a variety of accelerators, including ones used to manufacture diagnostic agents for positron emission tomography (PET) tests.
Furthermore, we are leveraging our extensive technical know-how in radiological control to steadily make inroads into the field of nuclear medicine.
For instance, we co-developed and launched an inexpensive, compact, and highly sensitive PET brain-scanning helmet device (Vrain) with the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology. We have also launched a joint research project with RIKEN on equipment to manufacture medical agents intended for therapeutic nuclear medicine that uses alpha-emitting radionuclides, considered to be a promising cancer treatment method. We will continue to actively pursue business opportunities in the field of nuclear medicine.
ATOX is committed to working on a wide range of new technologies as part of efforts to help people lead healthy and happy lives.