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Decontamination and cleaning

We are developing technologies related to decontamination and cleaning of radioactive material, which is necessary for the maintenance management of nuclear facilities. And we also continue to respond to wide range of technical needs, such as decontamination work of reactor well, turbine and dismantled things, and maintenance work of facility equipments.
In addition, for the purpose of the dose reduction planning of the reactor building necessary for decommissioning of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP, in cooperation with the national project, we will respond to wide range of technical needs of decontamination and cleaning.

Small remote controlled decontamination equipment

It is necessary for decommissioning works of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP to reduce exposure of workers who execute operations under high dose environment. For this reason, a remote decontamination unit "RACCOON" has developed, which can correspond to decontamination work in high dose reactor buildings or other severe places.

Small remote controlled decontamination equipment

Wall decontamination system

The wall decontamination system is to remove radioactive materials from the reactor walls (curved surface) or bottom (plane surface) by brushing wall surfaces.
ATOX has over the years of experience in decontamination technologies for the Japanese nuclear facilities.

  • Wall Cleaner▲Wall Cleaner
  • Decontamination test in Mock-up reactor well▲Decontamination test in Mock-up reactor well

Blasting equipment

The blasting decontamination method is polishing surfaces of target objects by colliding with accelerated abrasives and removing radioactive contaminants adhering to the surface of the objects. We are engaged in research and development of several blasting methods, such as the centrifugal projection type and the direct pressure air blast.

Centrifugal projection type blasting decontamination machine▲Centrifugal projection type blasting decontamination machine

  • Before blasting (surface is covered with rusts)▲Before blasting
    (surface is covered with rusts)
  • After blasting (material surface has appeared)▲After blasting
    (material surface has appeared)

Non-releasing liquid-waste electrolytic decontamination system

Electrolytic decontamination is one of the decontamination technologies which use metal dissolution reaction generated by energizing the contaminated metal in the electrolytic solution. In general, as an electrochemical polishing method, strong acid is often used for polishing metal surfaces. To take advantage of the benefits of electrolytic decontamination, we studied and examined, finally have developed the electrolytic decontamination system using a neutral electrolyte solution. This system can drastically reduce the generation of secondary wastes and are safety for operators.

Test unit of electrolytic decontamination system▲Test unit of electrolytic decontamination system