Fukushima reconstruction project

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident in Fukushima Daiichi, we have been engaged in health physics work in power station and operating polluted water treatment apparatus as a top priority of tasks. We also actively work on decontamination work in the surrounding region from the experimental stage.

  • Fukushima reconstruction branch

Decommissioning project

We transport the remaining water and collect (clean up) CRUD in flange-type storage tank for the tank demolition, and conduct a dose survey and decontamination work for a dose reduction in the buildings. We also use drones to survey and film in high-dose place.

  • ▲Small-sized remote
    decontamination device
  • ▲Drone
<Work description>
  • Remaining water transport and CRUD collection from flange-type storage tank
  • Dose survey and decontamination work inside the buildings
  • Dose measuring and aerial filming using drones

Equipment operation and maintenance

We operate and maintain KURION system, the Cesium adsorption apparatus, and SARRY (Simplified Active Water Retrieve and Recovery System), the second Cesium adsorption apparatus, which are used to reduce the concentration of Cesium and Strontium in contaminated water. We also operate and maintain ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System), Multi-nuclide Removable Facility, which removes the majority of radioactive materials except Tritium, and its attached equipment, and supply chemicals.

  • ▲ALPS
  • ▲Decontamination
    system for reactor well
    (SWING type)
<Work description>
  • Contaminated water management
  • Operation and maintenance of equipment
  • Decontamination of reactor well

Safe working environment

We measure the radiation and radioactivity in Fukushima Daiichi NPP on a regular basis to ensure the workers who are engaged in the restoration works in the Fukushima Daiichi NPP are appropriately protected. We also provide the cleaning service for communal facilities.

壁面除染機 ▲Access-control building

Community revitalization support

We conduct decontamination work in Fukushima prefecture, operation management in sludge reduction facilities, incineration ash treatment work from temporary incinerators, health physics work in these places and interim storage facilities and waste treatment in designated area. We also started warehousing business for local residents and organizations.

壁面除染機 ▲Tomioka Warehouse in Fukushima reconstruction branch